Start your Homebased Cupcake Business now with this Comprehensive E-Book


The most comprehensive Cupcake resource guide available on the web (with links to over 40 sites that cover everything from recipes, designs, display ideas, and suppliers to forums and blogs where you can share ideas and ask questions.

Turning Cupcakes into Cash - How to start a cupcake business from home E-book covers:
  • nearly everything you need to know about getting up and started in your own Cupcake business 
  • 2 simple keys to managing your time so you can still enjoy your family and friends, yet run a thriving cupcake business from home.
  • 4 proven strategies for working out the right price to charge for your product. Don't start a Cupcake business until you know these important strategies
  • REVEALED! The hidden truth behind the legal issues you'll need to deal with when operating a low risk home business

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  • Cupcakes for all Occasions - 89 page recipe book (Value: $37.00)

  • Cupcake Profit Calculator - Determine the cost of batch of cupcakes before you make them               (Value: $24.95)

  • Conversion Chart - Easily convert dry ingredients, liquids, temperatures and cake tins from metric to imperial measure, making baking any recipe you come across a breeze!  (Value: $16.95)

  • The Insiders Guide to Time Management - Value: 27.00

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